A science based approach to health and fitness; focused on individual workouts and off-ice hockey training. Located in Lucan, Ontario.

​​Deon has been involved in the health industry since starting as a trainer in Windsor, while studying Kinesiology at university (2002-2006). The gym was operated by Andy Paquette (Powertech Hockey)  and Dave Stein (Olympic medalist in the decathlon). It was an exciting learning opportunity and was a starting point for his ongoing career in health and fitness. 

DEON KELLER | Owner/Trainer

A science based approach to health and fitness; focused on individual workouts and off-ice hockey training. Located in Lucan, Ontario. Hockey, Training, Strength, Coach, London, Strathroy, Coach, hockey training, personal training, strength coach, performance, progress, hockey training, hockey training lucan, keller fitness hockey training lucan

After Windsor, Deon and Jenelle left for teacher's college in New Zealand.

Deon began training at a local gym and was greatly influenced by the experienced staff on hand, which included a nationally rank judoka, a nationally ranked body builder and a member of the Cirque to Soleil. The one common link between these trainers was the work of Charles Poliquin, (Strength Sensei). Each of these trainers incorporated pieces of Charles’s methodology into their fitness beliefs and reached incredible results with their athletes, as well as their general population clientele. 

Upon returning to Canada, Deon continued his learning, by attending many conferences and seminars, while working at a Goodlife in London. He enjoyed his time there, but realized that typical commercial gyms did not fit into his ideal training environment.

At this time, Deon and Jenelle moved to St. Maarten and taught at an international school in Cupecoy. After returning to Canada, Deon and Jenelle started Keller Fitness, which is a private training studio based out of their home in Lucan, Ontario. 

Deon enjoys learning and helping others. He is always looking for new ways to improve his gym and also ways to help others reach their goals more efficiently. Deon’s past travels took him to Connecticut to work with hockey training guru Ben Prentiss (Prentiss Hockey Performance). Once again he had the chance to learn from some of the best, while working with elite level athletes. 

Keller Fitness is the result of Deon’s extensive travel and experiences. It is a controlled environment where clients get full attention; never have to wait for equipment and do not have to deal with the numerous distractions associated with large commercial gyms. It gives clients access to proven training and nutritional methodologies at a fraction of the cost. 

Poliquin International Certification Program Level 1 - Structural Balance in the Upper Extremity (Regional Level Coach)

Level 2 - Structural Balance in the Lower Extremity (State/Provincial Level Coach)

Level 3 - Continued Concepts in Athletic Training (National Level Coach)

BioSignature Modulation (2011, 2013)

Fascial Abrasion Technique

Poliquin Instant Muscle Strengthening Techniques

Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach - National Strength and Conditioning Association

Honours in Movement Science (Kinesiology) - University of Windsor

Graduate Diploma of Teaching and Learning - University of Canterbury

Holistic Life Coach - Paul Chek

Personal Training Certificate - CanFit Pro

CPR/AED & First Aid - Red Cross