A science based approach to health and fitness; focused on individual workouts and off-ice hockey training. Located in Lucan, Ontario.

Service Description Price + HST
Personal Training
1 on 1 Private Training $50/Session
2 on 1 2 Clients 1 Trainer $30/Each Per Session
3 on 1 3 Clients 1 Trainer $25/Each Per Session
Group Training
Energy Training System (Indoor) Max of 4 Clients (Need to have previous lifting experience) $50 Split (ex. $12.50 x 4)
Energy Training System (Outdoor)
Max of 6 Clients (Need to have previous lifting experience)
$60 Split (ex. $10 x 6)
BioSignature Modulation
Individualized Nutritional Planning
and Body Composition Counselling
1 Hour Initial Assessment + 10.5 Hour Sessions + 1 Hour Final Assessment $420
Initial Testing: Athletes
Upper Body Structural Balance Test $50
Upper Body + Body Fat Structural Balance Test + 12 Site Caliper Readings
Workout Program Individualized Workout Plan (If not training at Keller Fitness) $100
Workout Program (No Testing) Program Set-Up + A Session For Each Day Of The Workout $50/Session + $25 For Plan

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When you come to train with us you will be getting excellent service every time.  We record every rep and have software that allows us to track your workouts consistently with whichever trainer you are working with. We are passionate about health and fitness, while bringing a wealth of knowledge. It is said to be the best you must learn from the best. Our trainers are always striving to learn more about fitness and health, whether it is doing work internships in Connecticut, travelling to Rhode Island for courses or meeting up with other strength coaches in Ontario, we are always looking to better ourselves...plus we really enjoy it! To learn more see the ABOUT US section.


This is the basis for our training philosophy at Keller Fitness. Structural Balance is based on the idea that you are only as strong as your weakest link. Many people, trainers and strength coaches skip the basics and instead focus on trendy or advanced exercises without taking into account personal ability and individual starting points. To prevent injuries, increase performance, and get maximum results you need to start with the basics and work from there. For example, if you can't perform a proper split squat you should not be performing back squats; if you can't squat, you shouldn't be doing explosive movements such as cleans, jerks and snatch; if you can't express your strength in basic movements like deadlifts, back squats, and front squats, you shouldn't be doing plyometrics!


We offer group training, but only in small numbers. It's our belief that when groups get too large you lose out on the ability to work with clients. 1 on 1 training is the preferred arrangement, as it maximizes the time spent with the trainer and therefore maximizes results. We also realize that this might not be an option for some clients. Therefore, we do offer personal training in groups of 2 and 3, while also offering an energy system type of group training, with up to four clients. Our group training still focuses on structural balance (see below) and progression. The group workouts are made up based on the clientele training that day and based on their current fitness levels. They are not generic programs that fail to take into account these important factors. 


We offer personalized workouts and nutritional counselling, based on your goals and level of fitness. We are all individuals and therefore have individual goals, as well as individual starting points. Progression is the key to maximizing growth and minimizing injury. Beginners should not be doing the same workouts as advanced athletes, advanced athletes should not be doing the same workouts as beginners.

Why Keller Fitness?

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