I had a large increase in strength and gained 10lbs over the summer...

We have seen such a change in our son's body and strength, it's quite remarkable! 

Deon is an elite trainer with a warm, vibrant energy! 

Keller Fitness is the most productive

hockey training gym in the area.

​​Keller Fitness is the place to go for quick results. It is the best hockey training I have had in my career! 

'Deon spent the entire summer interning at my facility, Prentiss Hockey Performance.  During that time, he trained a wide spectrum of high school, college, OHL, AHL and NHL athletes. Deon was always on time, energetic, and pleasant.  He was hard working, trustworthy, and conducted himself in a professional manner.  The athletes respected him and were able to make great gains. Furthermore, he consistently brought a positive attitude to the workplace. These are all rare qualities in trainers these days and he was a great fit at my gym.' Ben Prentiss B.S. PICP Level 5

In statistics, science and real life, we know that regression to the mean is the norm. Without making a conscious and consistent effort we will continue to regress back to a spot where we are comfortable and therefore will miss out on future opportunities.

Progress on the other hand, means moving towards a goal or to a higher stage. It means getting out of your comfort zone and working towards your own personal goals. It doesn’t have to be climbing Mt. Everest or being sub 6% body fat (although it could be!), it just means challenging yourself to be better at some component of your life. 

Furthermore, progress is dynamic. It is challenging to go against the flow; it takes energy and motivation to prevent regression and continue to grow. 

Progress From the Mean is a mission statement that is based on this idea; that progress is a challenge. It is a play on words that challenges regression and celebrates the discipline it takes to PROGRESS FROM THE MEAN. At Keller Fitness we continue to work at bettering ourselves and helping clients better themselves on a quest to be the best that we can be! ​

Progress From The Mean

A science based approach to health and fitness; focused on individual workouts and off-ice hockey training. Located in Lucan, Ontario.